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We are Freedom II, a Bermuda Part 121 AOC holder with a base in South Florida, that began operations in 2021. With a focus on providing a luxury travel option, our three modern jets are configured to offer comfortable seating and a full-service onboard experience.  

Freedom II provides seasonal air charter service between the U.S. East Coast and the Caribbean island of Anguilla on the Embraer 170 aircraft.  This service is a favorite among guests visiting the new Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club.  

The Freedom II VIP Boeing 757 aircraft has a spacious 62 seat configuration and includes a private full size bedroom.  This aircraft specializes in worldwide charter for private parties, corporate groups and speciality clientele such as entertainment industry tours and sporting groups.

Richard M. Schulze is the founder and visionary behind Freedom II and Aurora Anguilla. He is also the founder and now chairman emeritus of Best Buy Co., Inc. — the world’s largest consumer-electronics retailer.

Avionics Engineering
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